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Training & webinars

We provide standard and bespoke training courses as well as webinars on dam breach and dam breach modelling.

One-day training: Introduction to 1D Breach Modelling

Our introductory course examines

  • the nature of breaches through embankment dams,
  • the different approaches available to model or assess these and
  • the pros and cons of each type of approach.

It explains the different failure modes identified in breaching, when these failure modes are most likely to occur, and what the impact is of modelling the wrong failure mode. Ideas on how to deal with uncertainties in the input parameters and the impact of these uncertainties on the model output are discussed.

It is suitable for dam owners/operators, consulting engineers undertaking/specifying dam breach studies and emergency planners.

At the end of the course participants will understand:

  • basic hydraulics and soil erosion processes;
  • how a dam breach flood differs from other types of flooding;
  • the importance of modelling a breach accurately when undertaking embankment dam breach studies;
  • the most likely breach failure mode based on embankment design;
  • how to deal with the uncertainties inherent to breach modelling.

Contact us for information about future dates for this online training course. Alternatively, visit our training page at https://www.hrwallingford.com/training/courses.

Bespoke training courses

If you need training delivered at a different time, at a different venue, or would like bespoke training for your team then we can tailor training programmes and courses to meet your requirements. We can develop new material on specific topics for you.

Our training courses are currently delivered online due to the current COVID situation. 

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