Embrea is a full featured breach model developed at HR Wallingford.

Successor of the HR BREACH model, Embrea includes all the features of the HR BREACH model in addition to modelling multiple zones of material with differing erodibilities, allowing more complex and modern dam constructions to be analysed without the need for simplifications.

Embrea is available online in two versions Lite and Pro. The key features of each version are given in the below table. To purchase a subscription to Embrea Pro, just follow the link below.

The Embrea model currently simulates:

  • Breach through overtopping of
    • homogeneous embankments through either headcut or surfaces erosion mechanisms.Screenshots of EMBREA software to model homogeneous embankments
    • overtopping of layered embankments.
      Screenshots of EMBREA software to model layered embankments
    • a composite embankment (i.e. homogeneous embankment with a core).
      Screenshot of EMBREA software to model composite embankments
  • Piping failure of homogeneous and layered embankments.

    Screenshots EMBREA software modelling piping through homogeneous embankments
    screenshots of EMBREA software for piping through homogeneous embankments
  • Failure of embankment surface protection (e.g. grass cover / stone rip rap).
  • Mass failure of breach sides due to slope instability during the breach growth process.
  • Probabilistic approach to simulating variability in embankment material properties and construction quality.
  • The erosion below foundation (i.e. scour hole). This feature is currently in development, for more information see our FAQ page.  

The model can run in single simulation mode (i.e. run produces only one output) or Monte Carlo simulation mode (i.e. a run produces a probability distribution of the output parameters). The model has been developed to operate within a standard 'Windows' environment and allows for easy handling of modelling data and visualisation of results to provide a flexible modelling tool for determining potential flood risks.

Embrea model version

  Embrea lite Embrea pro
Structure Homogenous embankments Homogenous, composite and layered embankments
Failure mode Overtopping and piping available in both versions
Probabilistic representation of variability in embankment material properties and construction quality Not included Included
Simulation mode Single Single and Monte Carlo
Output type Simplified Detailed
Price Free £900.00 a year.

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