HR Breach

HR BREACH  v4.3, now superseded by Embrea, encapsulates a one-dimensional flow model which accounts for a constant degree of flow contraction, and a simple geotechnical failure model to simulate breach in the case of homogeneous embankments, with or without a homogeneous core of a different material.


Since floods can result in large number of fatalities and/or substantial economic losses, accurate flood spreading predictions are necessary to design appropriate action plans and to reduce and manage flood risk. For this reason HR Breach was integrated into the well proven InfoWorks‑RS model which has one‑dimensional and two-dimensional flood modelling capabilities.

  • modelling breach flow using a mesh based modelling approach; 
  • modelling the geotechnical behaviour rather than pre‑defining breach shape; 
  • accounting for the presence of both rip‑rap and grass surface protection; 
  • modelling homogeneous embankments with a simple core as well as fully homogeneous embankments; 
  • operating with a flexible user interface in an MS Windows environment, allowing easy input, manipulation, and visualization of data; 
  • showing screen graphics of the breach growth as the model runs; 
  • accepting any head-time or flow time description as an upstream boundary condition; 
  • seamless incorporation within InfoWorks‑RS flood modelling software; 
  • also available as a standalone product on a consultancy basis only.
Successor software

HR Breach is no longer supported, it has been superseded by the more powerful EMBREA software.